Looking after your back demo and AGM

Gardening is not a cause of back pain”, this is how Dr Ben Gait of Mendip Chiropractic launched his presentation. To explain… a client came to him and said that ‘I was making a sandwich and suddenly my back went’ – it was not the sandwich that was bad for his back rather his posture in months leading up to making the sandwich.

Ben went on to say that spines are not designed for bending instead they are there to protect our spinal cord and nerves. We have knees and hips for bending. He demonstrated how to get to the ground without bending your back, useful when weeding in the garden:

a) Take a large stride and bend one knee without allowing your knee to go in front of your toes
b) Take other knee into kneeling position (use a kneeler for comfort)

c) bend forward, resting one hand on the soil to perform the task

An alternative way of bending, for example to load the dishwasher, is to bend the knees into a ‘squat’, again do not let the knees go over the toes.

It was suggested that we start every meeting with a practice of these two alternatives to bending.

And it is important to warm up before doing some gardening, for example with these daily exercises http://www.mendipchiropractic.net/straighten-up-uk/ . We had a practice all together before starting our AGM