Christmas Quiz

Simon and Dominic prepared a brilliant Christmas quiz for us last night at the Dusthole, Shepton Mallet.  John and Audrey prepared the best mince pies in the world!

We were all a bit nervous and worried we hadn’t done enough homework since the quiz was based on information on our web site.  We had reason to be worried!

The quiz was fantastically organised, it was fun and tested our horticultural knowledge at the same time.  It began with a seed identification, then we had two ‘mystery objects’ followed by questions relating to bonsai, soil enrichers, pruning, plant identification, mystery music (with horticultural links) and a scary ‘blind identification’ where members of teams had to put their hands into a bin liner to identify something that turned out to not be too pleasant!

Simon and Dominic, I think you are in danger of being asked to do the job again next year too!  Thank you