Stoberry Park

We enjoyed a glorious summers evening at Stoberry Park garden which is perched above the city of Wells.

This is a garden that has been developed by Tim and Frances Young who started with a bare field in 1986.  27 years on and they have a semi established garden with a good framework of trees and shrubs (and tons of interesting herbaceous plants in between!).  That is what is special about gardening, it is a process during which we tend to live with the image of what our garden is going to look like rather than the ‘mature end product’ .  We focus on all the small herbaceous plants whilst the trees and shrubs are slowly growing in the background overlooked yet critical to the outcome.

What struck me about this garden was the wide use of dark leaved plants (e.g. Pittosporum ‘Tom Thumb’, Berberis atropurpurea, Aeonium, Phormium purpureum, copper beech, dark leaved sycamore, Sambucus nigra ‘Black Beauty’ /S. ‘Black Lace’) which created strong contrast with the softer greens.  There were black tulips (which looked great in the shade) and most of the sculpture was painted black too.

notes by Angela Morley