Spring flowers – visit

Making the most of the clock change we spent a perfect evening at Long Acre Plants nursery amidst an array of unusual and beautiful spring flowering plants.  Nursery owner Nigel Rowland showed us around including the enchanting little copse planted with many of the specimens on sale – if anyone is planning to create a woodland garden then you need to see this little copse in springtime.

The plants were impeccably presented with so many unusual species of the ones we are more familiar with, for example may of us succumbed to different Pulmonaria and Begenia.  We were all Wowed by Trillium cuneatum and the  Erythronium and those of us who spied the pots of moss on sale were equally impressed – pots of Selaginella moss, I have never seen that before – perfect for the stumpery garden!


www.plantsforshade.couk  open to the public Thursdays and Fridays    www.longacreplants.co.uk

Notes by Angela  www.wildgardens.co.uk