Mill Cottage Plants

Sally Gregson and her husband laid their garden out 25 years ago, it is set around the old mill chase in Wookey.  Hedges, clipped hornbeam  pillars, a densely planted pergola, pleached hornbeam, bamboos and bridges divide up the area into a series of small and often ‘secret’ gardens.  It is a plantswoman’s garden showing how rare and interesting Hydrangea and Epimedium can be successfully grown in our own gardens.

Plants that caught our eye on this lovely warm August evening included:

Succisella inflexa ‘Frosted Pearls’ growing amidst Molina ‘Transparent’
Hydrangea aspera ‘Peter Chapel’
Hydrangea ‘Fuji’ (dwarf and perfect for growing in pots)
Hydrangea serrata
Heuchera ‘Bronze Beauty’ (huge choc olate brown leaves)
Hydrangea ‘Hot Chocolate’
Digitalis ferruginea (perennial foxglove)
Eupatorium rugosum ‘ Chocolate’ (dark foliage perfect in a border with reds)
Veronocastrum virginicum
‘ Jade’ (dainty, white and scented)
Oenothera ‘Moonlight’ (delicate evening primrose)

Croquet lawn, Succisella inflex ‘Frosted Pearls’ growing amidst Molina ‘Transparent’


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