Soil talk

“For a plant to thrive the soil must be alive”

Mike Burks, of Castle Gardens (garden centre) came to talk to us about the soil.  The talk didn’t involve many pretty flowers (although there were some!) however he did help us to understand the importance of soil, the raw ingredient for us gardeners.

From the soil microflora (bacteria, fungi), micro-organisms and minerals through to pH, humus, charcoal, rock dust and mulches, Mike tackled the subject with humour and brought plenty of samples for us to examime, smell and feel.

Key points to remember about the soil:
1.  Do not work nor walk on it when it is wet, use mulches to protect the soil structure

2. You can not add too much organic matter, organic matter is GOOD for your soil whether it is a sandy or a clay soil

3. Use peat free composts, composts with expanded wood pulp are amongst the better ones of these

After the talk there were some of  Angela’s beautiful sunflowers to sell (towards the club funds), Ann produced the refreshments whist Wendy brought home made biscuits.