Snowdrop project kicks off

Press release launching  the beginning of the Shepton Horticultural Society Snowdrop project

“The middle of the summer – the best time to propagate new plants from bulbs – is not the best time to find snowdrop bulbs.

Workshop leader Angela Morley found Simon Bagnall, head of garden and grounds at Worcester College, Oxford.

He was about to lift and split clumps of Magnet snowdrops, one of the few surviving varieties bred in Shepton by Allen. It carries an award of garden merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.

Simon Edwards collected the bulbs from the Oxford college and together with Dominic Weston hosted the workshop last week, which saw members learning how to cut the bulbs, before bagging them and stashing them in the airing cupboard, ready to pot on when they show signs of growth later in the year.

The new snowdrop plants will ultimately be planted out in Shepton gardens, but don’t hold your breath – it will take three years for them to get to flowering size.

The society will be planting up some full size bulbs to display next spring, so people in the town can get familiar with this beautiful little plant, which is part of the town’s proud heritage.