Snowdrop ‘Magnet’ chips



We propagated Galanthus ‘Magnet’ last June and kept the chips in a sealed plastic bag of very slightly moist compost / vermiculite mix, in the dark at about 20 degrees Centigrade (I kept my bag in my office wrapped in bubble wrap in a closed cardboard box).


Now is the time to pot up the propagules, the new bulbils are clearly visible between the ‘onion like’ fleshy leaves of the original bulb.


Pot up in a tray of compost / vermiculite mix,  bulbs can be placed close but not touching.  Insert so that the bulbil is just covered by compost and the fleshy leaf is protruding above the surface (this fleshy leaf will help to sustain the bulbil until the first leaf grows).  So be careful not to detatch the bulbil from the leaf segment.

Label and cover with a very thin layer of vermiculite or perlite of horticultural sand.  Water once and leave in a cold frame or cold greenhouse or an unheated porch.  It will not need watering again until the green shoots grow, at which point you could put the tray outside in a sheltered area.

Be careful to not let the bulbils dry out  nor to overwater them.