Interesting small seed companies

There are many smaller seed companies offering interesting vegetable varieties, we don’t have to rely only on the big names.

The summer before last I visited Sea Spring Seeds a very small horticultural seed business right by the sea in Dorset.  It was a fascinating visit: many small greenhouses each filled with special seed crops most being grown for commercial seed but others grown as trial crops testing their ‘worthiness’ to get into the Sea Spring catalogue.

Sea Spring Seeds grow a wide range of  chillis in fact they bred the Dorset Naga, said to be the hottest chilli in the world!

Friends have just sent me details of the Real Seed Catalogue, another small seed producer which looks very interesting too.

Last year our horticultural group visited Simpsons Seeds on part of the Longleat estate, yet another company offering seeds (and plants) for the kitchen garden with a particular interest in chillis and tomatoes.