Propagating snowdrops 2015

Wednesday 22nd July 2015
We held our third snowdrop propagation evening, twin scaling snowdrop ‘Magnet’

Bulbs are supposed to be fully dormant when chipping or twin scaling, I noticed that the flower bud had started to grow and therefore the bulbs were not fully dormant.  I did not attend last year’s propagation session so did not spot this.  I think propagating in late July is too late.  Many of our members report failure from last year’s propagation.  In 2016 we should set a date for late June.

Chipping appears to raise more new plants than twin scaling when using snowdrop bulbs or at least it is easier to cut chips with a piece of basal plate.  We found that we were only getting about 8 twin scales from a bulb compared to about 10-12 chips using the chipping method.  In 2016 we will probably go back to chipping rather than twin scaling.

The large bulb on the left is at least 5 or 6 years old whilst the small bulbs are from our 2013 propagation workshop – raised in a seed tray outdoors.