Planting our ‘babies’

2nd April 2016
Today marked the first phase of planting snowdrops in Shepton Mallet.  We planted our three year old own propagated Galanthus ‘Magnet’ around a tree outside of Highfield House where Jame’s Allen used to live.  It was a very special moment planting out these young plants that each of us had been nurturing over the past 3 years.


After planting our special bulbs we walked to Rectory Road where we planted approximately 4000 common snowdrops which were donated by members of our group and dug up from our gardens (special thanks to Irene Minty who supplied us with a massive tray of plants).  Our thanks go out to two members of the public, Peter Hillman and Eleanor Norman, also donated plants.  We also thank Sue Church from Mendip District Council who joined the planting party and gave support to the project.