Looking after bonsai

John Trott from Mendip Bonsai (Shepton Mallet) filled the room with valuable bonsai, as one of the leading bonsai growers in the country it was a treat to welcome him. 

John explained that bonsai is simply a plant in a pot and almost any plant can be bonsai’d.   There is no size limit, a bonsai can weigh 6 tons or just be 6 inches toall, it is the method of keeping them that makes them a bonsai.

So many points were covered but here are some of the ones I remember: 1. A small container will mean a small leaf size. 

2. There are different processes used to produce different results.  

 3. Wire is used to shape the branches. 

 4. Most of John’s plants are grown from seed, he cuts and grafts. 

5. Taper into a pot by growing on in the field and then cutting back the roots.  A plant may be grown on and dug up, having the roots cut back twice and then put in its pot.

6. It is important to seal the roots after pruning as rot will travel quickly

7. keep and grow outside

8. We were told to never purchase bonsai in the winter

http://www.mendipbonsai.co.uk/ for a list of workshops