Celebrating our gardens

Last night we met to learn from Wendy Biggs, one of our members, how to make natural Christmas wreaths.

Everyone brought armfuls of greenery (Pittosporum, conifers, rosemary, bay, laurel…), berries (crab apple, cotoneaster, holly) and coloured twigs (see below); the shared harvest was a true end of year celebration of our gardens.  But that was not all… home made mince pies, samosas and a fantastic chocolate cake really showed off everyone’s skills and made it a most enjoyable evening!


Coloured winter stems we used:

Salix alba britzensis  (orange red)
Salix purpurea (green stems with orange tips)
Salix viminalis  (brown, green stems)

Cornus alba (red stems)
Cornus stolonifera ‘Flaviramea’ (yellow stems)

Fraxinus excelsior (grey stems with black buds)

Corylus avellana