13th January 2021


Gardening for Wildlife

Angela Morley talked us through the principles of wildlife gardening and helped us to understand how the garden works as ecological habitat.  By encouraging wildlife into your garden, gardeners can enjoy the life and colour that wildlife brings.

Think diversity

  • Create as many different habitats as possible
  • You can create a wildlife haven by providing a range of different habitats including trees shrubs bulbs annual and grasses. This will provide plenty of places to breed and a continuity of food throughout the year.  Add variety by maximizing heights, shapes & flowering times.
  • Ponds and water add another habitat.

Feed the soil not the plants

  • Follow organic principles
  • Mulch beds annually

Be less tidy

  • Mow less and create a wildflower meadow
  • Leave more nooks and crannies Leave untidy corners and wood piles .
  • Allow apples to rot on the ground
  • Avoid bonfires.