New categories at Mid Somerset Show

Shepton Mallet Horticultural Society has worked with Mid Somerset Show to review the horticultural categories at next year’s show.  There will be new categories to encourage novices and we are also sponsoring two cash prizes for Dahlias – type of your choice (one prize in adult class and one prize in junior class).

Shepton Hort Soc are having a focus on Dahlias next year, kicking off the season with a masterclass lecture by Naomi Slade on 9th March (see below for details).   The aim is to get everyone excited about Dahlias and to enter the Mid Somerset Show with their blooms next August.

Saturday 9th March
“Dive into Dahlias” – A lecture and book signing by Naomi Slade plus Dahlia propagation demos
10.30 coffee, 11am Lecture, 12-12.30 Questions & book signing, 12.30-1 Propagation demonstration
St. Paul’s School hall, Shepton Mallet BA4 5LA   £10 (£7.50 to members)

Here is the complete new list of categories at MSS 2019:


Mr & Mrs Martyn and Valerie Davis, Nailsea (Judge)

Affiliated to the National Dahlia Society

Dahlia bloom sizes: Mediums – between 150mm & 200mm

Small – between 100mm & 150mm

Miniature – not exceeding 100mm

Class 1000 Dahlias, decorative and/or semi and/or cactus, medium, 2 vases, 3 blooms in each not less than 2 cultivars.

Class 1001 Dahlias, ball, miniature and/or small, 1 vase 3 blooms

Class 1002 Dahlias, cactus and/or semi cactus, miniature or small, 2 vases, 3 blooms in each not less than 2 cultivars.

Class 1003 Dahlias, cactus and/or semi cactus, small and/or miniature, 1 vase, 3 blooms

Class 1004 Dahlias, 1 vase, 1 bloom. Type of your choice (eg single or anemone) Sponsored by Shepton Mallet Hort Soc £10 Garden Voucher for winner

Class 1005 Roses – 3 blooms.

Class 1006 Sweet peas – 1 vase, 6 spikes with sweet pea foliage. Mixed colours.

Class 1007 Gladioli – 1 vase, 3 stems.

Class 1008 1 vase 3 spray chrysanthemum

Class 1009 Trailing Geranium (Pelargonium) of any colour – potted

Class 1010 Upright Geranium (Pelargonium) of any colour, not trailing – potted

Class 1011 ‘Sunset’ a vase of cottage flowers, at least 3 varieties.

Class 1012 Cooking apples, one dish of 3

Class 1013 Dessert apples, one dish of 3

Class 1014 Dish of soft fruit – one variety to be displayed attractively using plant foliage

Class 1015 3 potatoes – white named if possible

Class 1016 3 potatoes – coloured named if possible

Class 1017 3 carrots – long, 2.5″ foliage

Class 1018 3 carrots – stump root

Class 1019 3 onions not exceeding 250g each

Class 1020 3 onions over 250g each

Class 1022 3 round beetroot

Class 1024 6 runner beans

Class 1025 6 french beans

Class 1026 3 tomatoes – medium red

Class 1027 6 tomatoes – cherry of any colour of one type

Class 1028 3 tomatoes – any variety not mentioned above

Class 1029 3 parsnips

Class 1030 3 different herbs in bunches, not in flower

Class 1031 3 leeks

Class 1032 3 matching courgettes flowers optional, not exceeding 15 cms

Class 1033 1 pair mini cucumbers

Class 1034 1 pair long cucumbers

Class 1035 Basket or tray of salad. Maximum size: 46 cm x 30 cm

Class 1036 Vegetable collection – 5 kinds displayed attractively in maximum space92cm x 68cm. Not less than 2 of each kind.




Class 1037 Ugliest vegetable. Any variety, any size

Class 1038 Oversized vegetable. Any variety

Class 1023 Plate of 5 chillies

Class 1021 Fun-size vegetable or fruit. 3 matching types of small but perfectly formed fruit or veg

Class 1039 Flowers, any single variety, 1 vase of 3 blooms