Kilver Court Gardens

Under a lovley evening light, the fresh spring leaf colours of trees, shrubs and herbaceous shone beautifully. We were guided by gardeners Matt Rees Warren and Chrisi Inchley around the pond, over the bridge, under the viaduct to the new borders and finally through the giant rockery with cascading stream.

The new borders are planted in an array of foliage colour rather than flower colour this ‘colourist theory’ ‘focuses on harnessing the power of colour through design’. The border at one end starts with yellow foliage moving to mid green, red, purple, grey/green and finally to silver.


Artemisia ‘Valerie Finnis‘ has shown itself to be hardier than Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’ in the cold, damp conditions in the shade of the Viaduct

Heucheras are very useful for offering a wide range of foliage colours

Salix udensis ‘Golden Sunshine’ – is an unusual willow with yellow foliage

Lithospermum ‘Heavenly Blue‘ – its early bright blue flowers caught many people’s eye

Tiarella – foam flower, good in shade


Notes by Angela Morley